Our Mission

We thrive to offer our customers outstanding products & services that can improve our presence with our Brands in international market. Our passion for innovation, global capability, commitment to excellence in new technologies and powerful network.

  • To develop the Dealership business by establishing network across the region.
  • Emphasize on multi product and availability in spare parts business.
  • Maximize operational efficiency by improving resource utilization.
  • Expansion of appropriate supply source.
  • To utilize the full potential of ERP system to achieve process efficiency and optimization.
  • Have the right people with adequate skills, knowledge, attitude & customer orientation.

Our Vision

We seek to be a leader in the automotive spare parts in international after market, recognized by our customers, employees, growth, Innovation, efficiency, and environment as an international reference.

Our Culture and Values

Passion, innovation, shared values and an obsession to drive differentiation unite our global team's efforts to continuously improve and outperform.

  • We say what we will do and we keep our commitments to client, Suppliers and Investors.
  • We value people as individuals and protect our company assets.
  • We encourage bold ideas, creative thinking and continuous improvement.
  • Timeless guiding principles.
  • Leadership.
  • Integrity.
  • Grow with partnership.
  • Togetherness in endeavors.
  • A diverse and involved team.

Consequently, it's crucial that MAGMA employees are passionate about innovation and thrive in diverse cultures. They must respect those they work with and show integrity in all matters. For without integrity there is no trust. And for a company whose reputation is built on trust is the most important asset of all.